August 24, 2010

Having fun with an indie power couple

You know that old saying "Don't Take Your Work Home?" Thankfully, Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice didn't heed the advice. The live-in lovers combine country, pop, doo-wop and surf rock on their debut album, "I'm Having Fun Now," which oozes audible chemistry in every shared strum, harmony and lyric.

I'm still not sold on Johnathan Rice, but Jenny Lewis' amazing musical presence makes up for his sometimes bland and awkward vocals. At this point, I'm convinced you could pair the Rilo Kiley frontwoman with Kenny G or Insane Clown Posse and she'd still kick ass.

And if you're ever thinking of attending couples therapy, save the money and play this record.

Stream the entire album at NPR before its Aug. 31 release date.

Top tracks: My Pet Snakes, Switchblade, Big Wave, While Men Are Dreaming, Just Like Zeus, New York Cartoon, Straight Edge Of The Blade

Spin's "At Home" series with Jenny and Johnny

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