August 26, 2010

A Happy DIY Birthday

Trips to the Dollar Tree and Fry's Food Store and some strategic shopping around the townhouse produced the inexpensive, but fun setting for the fiance's 29th Birthday surprise fiesta, proving you don't have to spend a fortune to design a cool celebration. Personal touches such as his favorite candy and family pictures made it even more special, which no amount of money can buy.

Streamers + ribbon: $4
Balloons + ribbon: $2
Candy: $10
Flowers: $9
Candy dishes: $2
Candy cups: Free - Already owned
Flower vase and dish: Free - Already owned
Pictures + picture frames: Free - Already owned
Mason jar + candle: Free - Already owned
Wrapping materials: $5

Grand total: $32*
* Cards + presents not included in budget

Surprised + happy fiance: PRICELESS


Anonymous said...

Love the way you used the streamers! So much better than stringing along the old school way. Looks like he had a great happy birthday!

sarah said...

Beautiful! What a lovely setting. You also are priceless!

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