May 19, 2010

May flowers ...

Bring a sneak peek into the progress of the townhouse decorating venture. 

I chose these lovely flowers at the grocery store for the mason jars I got last Saturday. Please pardon the paper towel holder. Glamorous, I know.
Pink, yellow and white are really inspiring me right now, so I divided up two bundles for the four jars, and you have "custom" arrangements for only $9.

As I was trying to find places for the blooms around the house, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to update you on the progress of the townhouse design. I couldn't very well let the sight of these pretties go to waste.

Please remember this is totally a work in progress. I'm not sure any space is ever truly finished. But ours still has a long way to go. But for now .... glimpses of the living room and master bedroom.

Living room

Master bedroom

Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!


Aspiring Kennedy said...

I think the nesting tables in the master are so cute. Where did you find them?

jonalynn said...

Thanks! I found them at Marshalls believe it or not!

They reminded me of the Pottery Barn Teen Circolo Nesting Tables.

Love your "Get Stacked" post. :)

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