May 18, 2010

I love lamp

Lighting ... One of the most overlooked elements in interior design. I never really thought much about lamps and their ability to totally transform a room until I started reading interior design blogs. Well, those days are over, and I'm on the pretty lamp bandwagon. HomeGoods, the center of all that is easy on the bank account and stylish, has made it easier for beautiful lighting to exist in the townhouse.

They ALWAYS have a modern and stylish selection. These are the types of lamps I see on high-end retailer's Web sites for hundreds of dollars at a fraction of the cost.

I purchased these two for $51 and put them in the living room on top of the made over bookcase.

Any of these dynamic duos would have a place in my casa. 

But I only chose this pair.

You probably guessed from my hints in the previous post. I'm not that great at keeping secrets.

Even though we have been using the hallway and bathroom lights to illuminate our bedroom [there aren't overhead lights in either of the townhouse bedrooms],  I made my way to the lighting section with the intention of only window shopping.

The rose lamps caught my eye immediately. I almost put them in the cart without even looking at the price [$69.99 a piece]. But then I saw the ones with the circle shades and glass base, and  found myself with a difficult decision. 

The rose lamps were pretty. But then I thought they maybe looked too feminine and I had to take my fiance, who I share the room with and who is not feminine, into consideration. My shopping companion and good friend, Correne, also pointed out the potentially time-consuming task of cleaning the intricate divots of the roses. Who wants to vacuum a lamp? Not this girl.

And then I went back to the circle-shaded beauties. I love the look of clear glass. And not to mention my growing obsession with circles. They looked gender-neutral. Another plus. And with a price take of $49.99 each, I literally was sold on them.

What do you think? Did I make the right choice?

Do you feel lighting can make a room or are you apathetic to it as I used to be?

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Anonymous said...

Great choice, lady! I love how you consider the fiance too. You're so sweet. -- Sarah

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