May 21, 2010

Five for Friday

It's that time again, friends.

My five goals/wishes/hopes/projects for Friday through Sunday.

1. Rest my body following five consecutive days of working out

2. Paint Bruce's nightstand

3. Hang the rest of the black + white photo gallery on the living room wall

4. Enjoy the sights and sounds of our second Diamondbacks' game at Chase Field

5. Start the packing process for the Alaska/Washington DC trip

What are your Five for Friday? May your weekend endeavors, whatever they are, be rad.

 [my photo of the sunset over Ellensburg, Wash. 06.09]


Katie said...

Well, they will have to wait until Monday, but ...

1. Take my first tennis lesson with Jake.
2. Snuggle with Jake.
3. Not think about accounting homework for the first time since June, though I will load Quickbooks onto the computer and play around a bit.
4. Do some laundry/vacuuming/dishes and feel generally accomplished around the house.
5. Look into some HTML/Photoshop tutorials. I want to know some code by summer's end.

jonalynn said...

I <3 your Five for Friday! Tennis lessons sound so exciting! I didn't know you guys liked tennis. We should play when you visit the AZ!

You should download It was made by a WSU student, is free and almost identical to Photoshop. It's what I practice on.

Marcus said...

What's the Alaska WADC trip all about?

jonalynn said...

Bruce's sister's wedding is in Alaska. We have a companion ticket for Alaska Airlines that needs to be redeemed by July, so we decided to go to DC after Alaska since I've never been there. Hello, history!

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