May 13, 2010

Is it Christmas, yet?


These are a few lovely items I've had my eye on for so long they now warrant a post. The "Live What You Love" picture was a special edition print from the talented artist Hijirik. You can find the newest edition with a red heart here. 

 It's no secret I have a soft spot for all things chevron/zigzag. So when I came across this beauty for that price, it shot to the top of "my next-big-purchase-list" for the townhouse. Soon, you will adorn our living room floor.

File this circle credenza under "probably never going to live in our home." For a price tag of around a few thousand dollars, it's not remotely in my grasp right now. A girl can keep dreaming, right? The circled-doors make such a statement, though. They give just the right amount of punch to the otherwise simple piece.

This on-trend garden stool was in my grasp and, sadly, I let her get away. Hopefully, she'll be at the HomeGoods where I found her next time I visit the smart-priced decor mecca. 

I <3 everything about this painting from Jamie Shelman. The colors are amazing and it is the perfect size for the massive focal wall in our living room.

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