May 26, 2010

Journey to the Last Frontier

This is the type of beauty I can expect to experience this weekend. We are leaving the Lower 48 for Cooper Landing, Alaska, the site of my future sister-in-law's wedding. The fiance and I arrive in Anchorage on Friday morning and drive to Cooper Landing on Friday afternoon.

As much as I adore the outdoors, I've never had much of a desire to visit Alaska. I've always associated it with bitter cold and snow, two of my least favorite things. I've been keeping an eye on the weather, and needless to say, the forecast calls for showers and temps in the mid- to upper-50s. Pretty much the opposite of Phoenix.

But the opportunity to take in such picturesque surroundings in person is once-in-a-lifetime. And we'll get to celebrate with friends and family, some who we haven't seen in a while. I'll just have to get my jacket, sweatshirts and leggings out of storage.

We plan to raft the Kenai River, which I'm so stoked for, after the festivities conclude Sunday. Not wanting to waste our Alaska Airlines companion ticket, which expires in July, we decided to extend our vacation [stick it to the airlines] and travel to Washington DC. I love history and what better place to learn of the past than our nation's capitol? On the agenda: the Holocaust Museum, the International Spy Museum, the monuments and, of course, the Washington Design Center.

Sadly, I will miss out on patronizing the Flea Market At Eastern Market.

I'll try to keep the blog updated as best I can. But I think you can forgive me after seeing the type of amazing nature I'll be distracted by. Not to mention the company of some of the best people I know and the sights and sounds of places I've only read about it books.

Then there's the sheer exhaustion that comes from 10,000 miles of air travel in a week.


Hanna said...

Just think of the temperature in Alaska as 1/2 the temp of Phoenix! Have fun on your trips!!

Katie said...

Aw, wish we were going, too! Give our love to everybody!

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