May 17, 2010

All in the name

HomeGoods definitely delivered the goods and Hobby Lobby should think about calling itself "Lobby of Amazingly Cool Ish." These two stores produced some fabulous finds this past weekend.

We went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday on the recommendation of my cousin who basically lived at the store when she resided in Kansas. And now I can see why. They have everything from fabric to ribbon to model rocket kits [Bruce was smitten] to furniture. Think a combo of Jo-Ann's, Michaels and HomeGoods on craft store steroids.

The objective at the Hob Lob was to get a knob for the revamped coffee table.  Mission accomplished.

 I also snagged a few other project goodies:

My search for a reasonably-priced framed bulletin board came to an end Saturday. This beauty was originally $39.99, but marked down to $13.60 because of two small holes in the cork. Hello! I'm going to cover it up with pictures, words and other assorted inspirational items anyway. So I had to snatch it up. I'm thinking of painting the frame and covering the cork board with fabric or pretty paper. Stay tuned.

You can never have too many mason jars in my opinion. They are good for vases, votive holders, trinket catchers or just on their own.

I have an idea for a project in the master bedroom that includes stencils on a huge canvas for over the bed. And there's nothing better than Helvetica.

The final and most-needed purchase was this sectional frame for a print of my favorite painting I bought at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art almost two years ago. The print is an odd size at 24x24, and we had no luck finding a regular frame in stores. I was resigned to the fact it may need to be custom framed, which is a pretty penny. I had my Modest Mouse concert poster done at Michaels, and while they did a great job, it set me back almost $200. With a coupon.

Enter Hob Lob's sectional frames. They sell length and width sizes seperately, so I got four 24-inch pieces for about $12 total. Granted it doesn't come with glass, but I can always have Home Depot cut some later.

And now Richard Diebenkorn's Berkeley #57 has a proper place on the wall. A lot of my color inspiration for the living room came from this amazing piece of art.

And let's not forget the object of my obsession: HomeGoods. Each time I go there, I have to restrain myself from buying the entire store. Most of their stuff is super cute and the prices can't be beat. I like to think of it as the step-sister or long-lost cousin of Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate & Barrel.

Here's a sneak peak at my latest HG acquisition:

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