July 1, 2010


As you may have noticed, the blog received a makeover just in time for the start of summer. Actually, I got bored with the old design and wanted to test out my Paint.NET [think Photoshop for free] skills.

Trial and error style:

After creating a few different headers, I achieved what I think is a pretty, yet clean look. The minimized depth and fun berry mosaic don't dominate the page as the original header did.

The finished product:

I also eliminated the background image to reduce the busy feel of the blog's first design. I think the flag and plain background are enough to carry the page, yet don't detract from the elements in the posts. I still haven't decided on the background color, though. Suggestions are welcome.
 Another addition is my newspaper page design and headline portfolio. With the sad demise of NewsPageDesigner, my clips were tucked away on the computer without a public home to call their own. It's nice to be able to share my past work now that I'm not longer a print journalist. Click the pages below or the link on the right hand side of the blog to check it out.


I'd also like to welcome fellow bloggers and rad friends Brandon Jones, Sarah Reijonen and  Andrew Marden as the newest members of my "Homies" section. Brandon writes on all that is the NBA, Sarah gives us a glimpse into her life as a South Dakota resident and Andrew will update you on everything Central California-related and its connection to the sports world.

I promised to change up the blog and I'd love your feedback on the revamp. I hope you enjoy reflecting on the creative process with me.
And in keeping with the theme of this post, a little David Bowie to take us home.

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