June 30, 2010

An unexpected fabulous find

We met during my childhood. Performing her songs for my parents and their friends in our living room, red Sony tape player and microphone in hand, was a regular occurrence. Something about Patsy Cline struck me as a child and has stayed with me some 20 years later.
And last weekend, I was fortunate to combine two of my musical loves: vinyl and Ms. Cline. 

After failing to find Jericho season 2 at Best Buy, one of the sales associates directed us to Bookmans. The used media superstore, he said, was amazing. Except when we got there, it was pretty much what you'd except from a place that bills itself as an "entertainment exchange." Plenty of cheap, older items. No Jericho season 2. The disappointment started to set in. But I figured since we were already there, I'd check out what they had in the way of used records, CDs and books.
Appealing to readers, gamers, film fans, and music junkies looking for a deal, the sheer volume of items available for purchase is something to marvel at. I made my way over to the vinyl section with the hope I carry each time I step into a record store ... That someday I'll find an out-of-print Modest Mouse record fetching $200 on eBay for a steal. It still hasn't happened.

But thumbing through the vinyl, there she was. Patsy Cline's "Greatest Hits." For $4! That wasted trip to Best Buy turned into a reunion between a music fan and her favorite childhood singer.

The rest of my time at the store didn't prove as fruitful, but the sound of Patsy Cline's deep, emotional voice booming out of my record player sure made up for it.

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