June 24, 2010

Best Coast makes my summer dreams come true

Break out those beach blankets because the West Coast's summer soundtrack arrives July 27. The California duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, better known as Best Coast, are finally releasing their first full-length album. 

Boasting 12 unreleased songs, "Crazy For You" hopefully will build off the lush, fuzzed-out sound we've come to expect from the group's slew of EPs and singles released this past year.

Track listing:
1. Boyfriend
2. Crazy for you
3. The End
4. Goodbye
5. Summer Mood
6. Our Deal
7. I Want To
8. When The Sun Don’t Shine
9. Bratty B
10. Honey
11. Happy
12. Each and Everyday
Bonus track: 
When I’m With You

Sounding like a love letter to California, their version of lo-fi takes a page from the Beach Boys' brand of surf rock with catchy hooks and doo-wop influence. Best Coast stays true to West Coast form, singing about boys, weed, love and sunny days. Perfect for a drive down the PCH or soaking up the atmosphere at Pismo.

Stripped-down version of "Up All Night"

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