June 11, 2010

Five for Friday

There's no rest for the weary in this household. Instead of taking it easy this weekend, we're dusting off the tent for a trip to Sedona with some of my cousins who are visiting the AZ from the homeland. We've wanted to check out Sedona since we moved to Phoenix, so I'm pretty stoked.

So it's no surprise my Five for Friday revolve around the outdoors.

1. Enjoy the "cooler weather" up north. You'd be surprised what a difference 77 degrees is when you've been roasting in 100-plus temps.

2. Hike, swim, tube or raft. Perhaps in Red Rock Country, Slide Rock State Park, or the Verde River?

3. Snap some quality scenery shots. Totally inspired by this:

4. Reconnect with family. It'll be nice to see some familiar faces here in Arizona.

5. Relish the opportunity to get out in nature. I've had a case of cabin fever this week, and long to go on a camping trip. Maybe it's because we were surrounded by such amazing beauty in Alaska two weeks ago?! Or the fact I'm missing the California wilderness?!

What are your Five for Friday?

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