July 30, 2010

Five for Friday

It's full-blown monsoon season in Phoenix, but that won't stand in the way of my weekend goals, which include staying dry.

1. Eff you, rut: I began last week's list detailing my ever-growing frustration with the stalled project that was decorating the office-slash-guest bedroom. Well, I'm happy to report I kicked the design block's ass. 

The look of the space has progressed in a direction I'm totally happy with this week. The addition of curtains, a restyling of the bookcase and a few wall decorations getting a home makes me a happy wannabe interior design maven. Stay tuned for the full reveal.

2. Retirement temporarily suspended: I'll be dusting off my reporter's notebook next week. My college homie and fellow Daily Evergreen alumnus Kyle Bonagura asked me to cover two Bay Area baseball teams at a tournament in Surprise for his Web site, Patch.com.

I'll admit I'm a little nervous considering I haven't written a gamer since leaving the Tri-City Herald in 2006. My time at the Fresno Bee was all about copy editing and page design. But I'm embracing this challenge. I should've known sports journalism wasn't going to let me get away that easy.

3. Second-hand search: A trip to the thrift shop across the street is in order. I have a little nook in the office/guest bedroom begging for a small chair or table.

4. Lack-luster: If the mission to find something at the thrift store fails, I have an IKEA Lack side table from 2002 that needs to be repurposed. I'm thinking something like this.

5. Gone too soon: Tomorrow is not promised and that was never more evident Wednesday when I learned a friend I'd known since junior high had passed away. Les was an extraordinary person, touching so many with his musical talent, infectious smile and comforting embrace. 

One of Les' songs.

Cherish one another, be grateful for each breath and appreciate the beauty in the little things. Rest in peace, Les.

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