July 22, 2010

Year-round Fireworks

One of my favorite shops is in an airport. Yes, a place of hustle, bustle, connections, hellos and goodbyes also houses one of the coolest stores in the Pacific Northwest. 

Fireworks in the Sea-Tac airport is a must-visit for those in search of extraordinary gifts, hip housewares and other unexpected and one-of-a-kind merchandise. Think of it as your one-stop shop for some of the most rad apparel, barware, books, food, handbags and luggage, jewelry, lighting and stationary between take-offs and landings.

The prices can be a little unforgiving, but the extra coin or plastic is worth it, considering the shops support and host many Northwest artists' work.

Thankfully, all this amazing stuff isn't confined to just an airport. The company has six Seattle-area stores: The one in Sea-Tac I always hit up when I go home and locations in Pioneer Square, Westlake Center, Bellevue Square, University Village and Southcenter.

The Web site isn't the most user-friendly, but they do accept online orders.

Don't forget to check out the trinkets at the register. It's definitely not the usual crap. No 5-Hour Energy, cheap lighters or beef-jerky sticks here.

This is the one time you might want to miss your flight.

The one "WTF item" I found in the store. It's pretty self-explanatory as to why it sucks.

Fireworks lovelies in my home:

Remember the letter box from above? I couldn't resist it. The peace and four leaf clover coins were finds at the register. It really is in the details.

My first Fireworks acquisition was this sweet little iron heart box. It was too cute to pass up. LOVE the dainty chain. And the precious glass hearts ... more check-out goodness.

Because who doesn't need fun trinkets in their life? Stunning Waterford crystal jewelry holder was a birthday gift from the fiance. He has good taste.

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Hanna said...

So the Crocs bag/purse is cheaper than a pair of Crocs? Def a WTF item.

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