July 16, 2010

Five for Friday

This weekend you can find the fiance and I confined to the city limits. But for good reason.

1. Rock out: One of the top groups on my "bands-to-see-live" list will be checked off Saturday, hence the sticking around. I finally will experience the Silversun Pickups, one of my favorites, in concert at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. 

I hope, hope, hope, hope they perform "Three Seed" ... their best song in my opinion.

2. Rest: I'm sure we'll need it after the consumption of fuzzed-out, hard-hitting tunes as noted above. Proving 28 is the new 68? We'll see.

3. Refresh: My resume, that is. I'm starting to get a better idea of what my next career move will be. And, sadly, it's probably not here.

4. Cover up: Curtains and bookcase shelf doors are two of the next purchases in the townhouse decorating adventure. A trip to Ikea may be in order Sunday.

5. Window seat > aisle seat: My mom is making an AZ appearance in August, so I need to book her trip, ASAP.

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