July 23, 2010

Five for Friday

It looks like our plans to go camping are literally getting rained out, so a weekend at the townhouse is in store. And that probably is a good thing since there's plenty to be done around these parts.

1. Makeover rut: I had big plans for the office-slash-guest bedroom when we moved in, but progress on the multipurpose space has been halted. Too many ideas and an unclear design vision has led to inactivity. 

Five months later, only the desk and bookcase are assembled. The pictures sit on the floor waiting to be hung; the shelves aren't properly styled and there aren't curtains or a window-seat cushion. To make matters worse, the room has turned into a landing place for miscellaneous items. 

My expectations for designing the space were probably too high, and now I'm afraid the end result will fall short of what I wanted initially. But it's to the point where the room is starting to bum me out. Not conducive to a job that calls for creativity. Outside of my bedroom, it's where I spend the most time. So I'd like the space to be pretty, organized, inspirational, fresh, functional and clean. And most of all, a reflection of me.

After seeing this before and after, it's the push I need to give the makeover another shot. The first step is to clear everything, minus the desk and bookcase, out of the room this weekend.

Do you have any tips or tricks to break through a creative block?

2. Destination: Forever: The fiance and I are throwing around the idea of an international wedding. We have a place in mind, but more research will be done this weekend to make sure it's the right decision for us.

3. Write away: The goal is to put the finishing touches on a few upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned. Have I mentioned how good it is to write again?!

4. Seeing stars: It's been forever since the two of us have seen a movie in the theater. We've been Red-Boxin' it lately. Angelina Jolie's spy thriller "Salt," which has been on my radar for months, and the hyped-up, mind-bending trip "Inception" are worthy candidates to end the drought.

5. The perfect storm?: As mentioned above, thunderstorms are in the forecast, setting the stage for some cool photo opportunities. 

What are your plans or goals for the weekend?

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annette said...

Redbox? You MUST try NetFlix.

Umm ... what? International wedding? I'm calling you ASAP.

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