July 9, 2010

Five for Friday

Today's installment courtesy of Banana Boat's Aloe Vera. Last weekend's travels were amazing, but taught me that sunscreen is my friend. My face didn't get that memo, though.

1. Head north: Destination: Slide Rock State Park (above) in Oak Creek Canyon. I'm totally looking forward to the natural water chute. We're also going to Flagstaff for the day on Sunday.

2. Taste: Oak Creek Brewing Company in Sedona and Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff are home to award-winning adult beverages. We'd be crazy not to experience them.

3. Face a fear: Since moving to Arizona, my once-indifferent attitude toward snakes has turned into a full-blown fear. Especially when it comes to rattlesnakes. If I'm going to share the outdoors with these slithery creatures, I need to realize they're just as scared of me. Repeat three times.

4. Cool down: I've come to accept we live in an oven. But temps in Sedona and Flagstaff are supposed to be 20-30 degrees cooler than Phoenix. It's a welcome reprieve from the 110 degrees we've been baking in.

5. Catch up: There are so many topics I need to blog about. LeBron James' ridiculous hour-long special and the latest tunes that have found a home in my iPod come to mind.

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Katie said...

I'm so glad you're keeping this up to date. Arizona sounds great! Can't wait to see it in October. ;)

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