February 16, 2011

In rotation: The Luyas + Lemolo + Toro y Moi + The Naked And Famous

A new crop of musical goodness has made its way to my library. Currently holding my auditory system captive are Canadian indie rockers The Luyas; Seattle folk chicks Lemolo; experimental chillwaver Toro y Moi and electro poppers from Down Under The Naked And Famous. Enjoy!

"Too Beautiful To Work"

"Open Air"


The Naked And Famous: Passive Me, Aggressive You

"Young Blood"

These fine musicians have been blasting from my speakers, too.


Diana Mieczan said...

Fantastic!!! Thanks,sweetie:) Kisses

Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

Joi said...

After I'm done watching Idol I'll be back to give these a spin!

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