February 17, 2011

Fashion to furnishings: The Grammys

Let me preface this by saying I haven't been a fan of the Grammys in a long time. Any organization that honors the collective crap that is the prefab music being churned out these days (Hello, Justin Bieber, minus Arcade Fire) is not OK in my book. But as with most award shows, they afford the opportunity to scout out pretty and are-you-serious? fashion. And the Grammys are no exception. 

When I saw the picture of Julianne Hough rocking a stunning Catherine Malandrino dress at the music award show, I was transported to my happy place where abstract patterns and geometric goodness deck the halls. I was totally inspired by the bursts of color and floral and below is the result. And how gorgeous would that goddess gown look framed and hanging in said happy place?! ... Further proof that inspiration is everywhere.

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Full House said...

I LOVED that dress and I love your style board. It is perfect.

Caitlin at the Desert Domicile said...

LOVE that side table and that piece of art! Nice board :)

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