November 13, 2010

Win the day for Crimson & Gray

It was going to happen eventually. I had faith. And the Cougs rewarded my unfailing loyalty with their first Pac-10 football victory since 2008 on Saturday afternoon. 

The fiance and I have traveled to a number of games during the past few years when it was anything but easy to be a WSU football fan. But Saturday's win against Oregon State eased the sting of watching those painful loses in-person and the criticism and ridicule that comes with residing in the conference basement.

Some questioned why head coach Paul Wulff recruited Jeff Tuel, who had never thrown a varsity high school pass when he committed to play in Pullman. I think Tuel showed everyone Saturday why he's such a special player.

One thing is certain. I will never be accused of being a fair-weather fan. I will support my school whether it be in the elation of victory or the despair of defeat. And it was nice to see a little of that elation Saturday in the players singing the fight song and the outpouring of support and pride on various social networking sites after the game.

Now the challenge is to keep the momentum going during the three-week break heading into the Apple Cup. Regardless of what's to come, I will be cheering on the Cougs.

A little Pullman Water to celebrate the streak-breaking victory. I think so. GO COUGS!

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