November 11, 2010

Seen live: Best Coast + No Joy + Sonny & The Sunsets

I am a lucky girl. I have attended some great concerts during the past few months, and Tuesday night's live music outing featuring Best Coast, No Joy and Sonny & The Sunsets at the Rhythm Room kept the streak alive.
Shoegazers No Joy opened the show with thumping guitars and lo-fi sonic tastiness. The band opted to let the music speak, rather than directly interacting with the crowd. I usually enjoy getting to see band's personalities via their banter with fans, but in this case the music was all I needed to hear. It was that good.
Sonny & The Sunsets then transported everyone back to 1962 with their take on doo-wop and surf rock. The San Francisco foursome were upbeat and a great lead-in to the main event.

And the reason the show was marked on the calendar for months didn't disappoint. I finally got to see the lo-fi goodness that is Best Coast in person and they were amazing. Even though Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno didn't play my two fave tunes, the California-crazed duo performed almost all of their full-lengh debut. I would've preferred to hear more of the earlier singles, but they chose the best songs from "Crazy For You."

After the show, the fiance and I got to meet No Joy's Laura and Jasmine (who experienced Spokane's sketchiness first-hand on Halloween) and Best Coast's Bobb (who thanked me like eight times for coming out to the show). They were all so down-to-earth and fun. Yeah for Phoenix's music scene.

Best Coast set list:
1. Bratty B
2. Crazy For You
3. Sun Was High (So Was I)
4. The End
5. Far Away
6. Summer Mood
7. Boyfriend
8. Our Deal
9. When The Sun Don’t Shine
10. Goodbye
11. This Is Real
12. Wish He Was You
13. I Want To
14. When I’m With You
15. Something In the Way
16. Each and Every Day

17. That’s The Way Boys Are

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