November 23, 2010

I heart art: Inspiration in the hills

Talking with artists can be just as inspiring as viewing their work. And on Sunday, I was invigorated. Not only was it cool these painters, photographers, jewelry makers, sculptors and potters opened up their studios for the Hidden In The Hills tour in Cavecreek, but each took the time to chat with me. No question was too insignificant or unworthy of a response. 

It was exciting to see where each artist's journey began and what keeps them going. I was asked several times if I was an artist and while I balk at that notion, painter Jaxine M. Cummins put it in perspective. Cummins, who didn't start painting until she was 50, told me "if someone understands and likes your work, you're an artist." With that advice at the forefront, I think photography and painting classes are in my near future.

I didn't take pictures out of respect for the art, and honestly I was too busy chatting and listening. But here is a small portion of the work of some of the artists I had the pleasure of speaking with. Now, if only I could hit the jackpot to be able to have their beautiful art live in the townhouse.

If you're in the Phoenix area, there are three more chances (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to be inspired before the tour ends this weekend.






[all images courtesy of artists]

Check out more pretty art here.

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