October 14, 2010

Seen live: Sleigh Bells + Pictureplane

If you attend a Sleigh Bells concert, plan on skipping your cardio for that day. One of my most-anticipated shows of the year was intense, fun and non-stop high-energy. 

The noise pop duo of Derek E. Miller and Alexis Krauss put on quite the show. The mosh pit was outta control from start to finish and Krauss even participated, stage diving into the group of rabid fans. The highlight was an all-out performance of  "Crown On The Ground," which is included on my own workout mix.

Denver electronic musician and opener Pictureplane primed the crowd with some hot beats, but fizzled out toward the end of his set.

The only complaint was the venue. I'd heard bad things about The Clubhouse and those drawbacks were confirmed when the fiance and I stepped through the door. The space was cramped due to a poor layout and there was only one women's bathroom. The sound and stage height made up for the rest of the venue's shortcomings, but it wouldn't be my first place to see a show in the future.

The moral of this concert story: Don't expect too much of a venue in a strip mall.

Pardon the shaky and blurry images. I did my best, but quality pictures and video are hard to acquire in the midst of a wild most pit.

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Diana Mieczan said...

Looks like a great fun!
Kisses and wish you a sunny day

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