October 22, 2010

Five for Friday: Going back to Cali

It seems like the fiance and I left California such a long time ago when in reality it's only been eight months. And this weekend, we're making our triumphant return to the Golden State, more specifically the Bay Area ... Also known as one of my most favorite places in the world.

We're staying with our wonderful friends, Fred and Paty, and attending the Washington State/Stanford football game Saturday in Palo Alto. Our school will most likely get annihilated, but I am looking forward to completing my California Pac-10 schools stadium tour.

In honor of the trip back to the land I called home for three years, here are some of the most incredible sights I had the privilege of capturing through my lens:

1. Monterey: December 2007

 2. Santa Monica: April 2008

3. Hollywood: April 2008

4. San Francisco: July 2008

5. Pismo Beach: April 2009 

And because I couldn't decide on only five images, you get one more. Happy Weekend, friends!

6. Yosemite: November 2009


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!!!


Electric Blue said...

Great shots. Left Cali 6 years ago and these photos make me more than a little homesick. Think it's time for a trip back to the home land!

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