October 4, 2010

A most delicious birthday celebration

Whoever said "don't play with your food" never had the pleasure of the interactive dining experience that is fondue.

Last year, we celebrated my birthday at a local fondue place in Fresno (which has sadly closed) and wanted to do the same in Phoenix. There's always The Melting Pot, which is fun, but pricey and not to mention a chain. The fiance and I like to support local businesses, and we found a highly-recommended restaurant in Glendale called Le Chalet.

The food was mouth-watering and authentic, the service was outstanding and the ambiance was pleasant and romantic.

We were served a complimentary nibble of crunchy bread toasted with Swiss cheese and herbs and I had a birthday glass of house champagne. We ordered the Swiss cheese fondue with baguette pieces and La Bressane, which consisted of chicken chunks with an oil fondue and four dipping sauces.

Le Chalet, which also is a French creperie, offers TV monitors where you can watch your food being prepared in the exhibition kitchen for an even more interactive experience.

Le Chalet isn't just for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays. It's perfect for anyone wanting a yummy piece of France or Switzerland in the Valley of the Sun.

After dinner, we headed to SunUp Brewing Co., our fave brewhouse, for a few beers. It was the perfect end to an amazing day. I was overwhelmed by the calls, texts and Facebook love. I can't wait to see what 29 has in store.


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