September 1, 2011

In rotation: Those Darlins + The Weeknd + The Ettes + Little Dragon + Mister Heavenly + Blood Orange

Sassy rock-country hybrids Those Darlins (who are incredible live), the latest mixtape of R&B up-and-comer The Weeknd, new-to-me rockers The Ettes, the most recent release from Swedish electronic band Little Dragon, Mister Heavenly's doom-wop and Blood Orange's 80s-tinged synth grooves are rolling around in my iPod these days. I hope you enjoy their respective sounds as much as I do, music lovers.

Those Darlins: Screws Get Loose

"Screws Get Loose"

The Weeknd: Thursday

"The Zone"

The Ettes: Wicked Will

"The Pendulum"

Little Dragon: Ritual Union

"Ritual Union"

Mister Heavenly: Out Of Love

"Pineapple Girl"

Blood Orange: Terrible Records 7″

"Bad Girls"

Listen to the other tunes bumping out of my speakers here.

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