September 15, 2011

Five (plus two) for Friday (on a Thursday): Technicolor sky

I'm peacing out early this week hence the Five for Friday today. But it's with good reason. The fiance and I are road tripping it to San Diego this weekend to cheer on our alma mater at their football game at Qualcomm Stadium. 

We're staying in a sick beach house with a bunch of our alumni group homies, and it's going to be one fun-filled weekend. We have a pub crawl in the Gaslamp Quarter on Friday, a huge tailgate before the game Saturday and Sunday will be spent searching for our livers, I'm sure.

In the spirit of travel and because I've been kind of a slacker around these parts (I'm working on a client's blog redesign), I wanted to share a few pictures from my plane ride back to Phoenix from my Montana adventure. (And I totally will post photos from that experience. It was everything I hoped it would be, and I basically want to move there, now).

I always carry my point-and-shoot in my purse because you never know when the opportunity to capture an image will present itself. And if you couldn't tell, I heart taking sky pictures, which is maybe why some of my fave photos ever were taken from an airplane.

I let my imagination take over while editing these. Hope your weekend is just as colorful!

Get your Friday fix here. Or check out more of my travel photography here. Or be rad and do both.

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Annette said...

Pretty! What software to you use to get these effects? Have fun in SD!

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