September 22, 2011

Said it best: Assignment accepted

Things are quite busy around these parts, but in a completely good way. I'm gearing up for my first mud run and an alumni event at the D'backs/Giants game Saturday, finishing up a client's blog redesign, working on my letter of intent to take over our Arizona and Nevada alumni chapter group and finalizing plans for my 30th Birthday adventure in Colorado.

So when I came across these beautiful words (and amazing typography treatment), they really hit home. My world is anything but what I expected it to be at this point in my life, but everything I'm throwing myself into.

More inspirational words await here and here.


Chelsea said...

Great quote! Good luck with all of your current projects- the good thing is that most of them sound pretty fun! xo

Foredi said...

Great post, thanks for sharing. Goodluck!

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