June 22, 2011

Seen live: Thao & Mirah + Bobby + Led To Sea

Seeing Monday night's show featuring Thao and Mirah was about four years in the making. Their respective solo albums got me through many a stressful night working on deadline when I was in newspapers. 

So you can imagine my happiness when I read they were doing an album together. And I about passed out when I saw their tour would bring them right down the road from the townhouse to my fave Phoenix venue, The Rhythm Room.

Seattle violist/violinist Led To Sea and Massachusetts indie rockers Bobby opened the show. Unfortunately Bobby's set was cut short because of technical difficulites. But the three songs they played had me hooked. 

Thao and Mirah's set was a mix of their solo songs and tunes from their collaborative effort. I'm convinced there isn't an instrument that Thao doesn't play. The woman is a musical genius. And Mirah's sweet vocals floated effortlessly through the air. 

I met Led To Sea's L. Alex Guy (who is a fellow Washingtontian) and Thao after the show. Thao was super down to Earth. I thanked her for playing Arizona. In a time when many bands are boycotting for political reasons, it was refreshing to see an artist who cares and wants to make a difference. Thao and Mirah are also donating some of the proceeds from their tour to a charity in each city they play (such a cool idea).

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