June 16, 2011

Fashion to furnishings: To-die-for tie dye

It hit 110 here yesterday (it really only felt like 92), so that means the summer uniform of fab dresses is here to stay. I'm digging all of the tie-dyed ish I've been seeing everywhere. We're not talking the hippie or 80s hypercolor crap. It's modern and oh so pretty. So when I came across this beauty that combines both, I was super inspired.

Get the goodies: Dress / Poster / Lamp / Rug / Tumbler / Console / Pillow

More outfits-turned-cool ish can be found here.


Joi said...

I'm such a big fan of color, too! But I especially like that console table! Clicking over now.... : )

Lindsey said...

Love that dress .... and I need that console in my life! I am in the (mental) process of making a DIY bar area. The ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond are almost 200 bones. No thanks!!

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