June 10, 2011

Five for Friday: Fun in progress

There's lots of fun (to me) ish going down this weekend. Getting started on another design project, finishing up my first week of working out and making progress on my latest furniture revamp are all on the agenda. I'm trying to convince the fiance to check out The Hangover Part II, but he's totally anti. I've heard it's pretty much the same storyline, but I laughed my ace off (and still do) at the first movie.

Here's to a non-sucky weekend!

1. Danika's gorgeous overlays

2. Kate Spade's expanded tabletop collection

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

3. Kelly's Skinny blog

4. Megan's boob paintings for breast cancer

5. Google's Les Paul Doodle

[My guitar solo]

More Five for Friday awaits here.

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Tobe | BIA said...

looooove the kate spade collection, and really excited about megan's shop! so awesome.

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