June 24, 2011

Five for Friday: A (not so tropical) heatwave

A hardcore heatwave has taken over Phoenix, so you best believe I'm counting down the minutes until the fiance and I head to Lake Pleasant for our friend and fellow WSU alum's (yay Danna!) birthday celebration. We're going directly to the H2O after I pick up the fiance from the airport. He's been gone all week on business, and I've missed him an ish ton!

The fiance has been cursing the humidity where he is in the South and longing for the dry Phoenix air. The funny (or crazy) thing is that it really didn't feel like 111 the other day. Maybe I'm acclimating to the AZ or my internal temperature sensor is fried. Either way, the time on the lake will be a nice tune-up for our trip back home for the 4th of July! Think lots of wakeboarding, swimming, sun bathing and laughter.

Before you head out to the fun times, behold the goodness from this week. Happy Weekend, party people!

1. Camping at Lake Pleasant

2. Ariel Gordon Jewelry

3. Klay Thompson getting drafted

4. The Couch to 5k iPhone app

5. Coppertone tanning lotion

The goodness of Friday's past awaits here.

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