January 14, 2011

Five for Friday: Back to our regularly scheduled programming

"We shouldn't have left you. Without a dope beat to step to."

What better way to return to the blogosphere than with some Timbaland lyrics?! I apologize for my sparse posting during the past few weeks. But I'm finally back in Phoenix after a fun, yet tiring, three-week adventure that took me to Washington, Texas, New Mexico and back to Arizona.

I have a lot of fun stuff to share, but until then, I'm delving back into posting with a new "Five for Friday."

1. Kicking it courtside:
OK. So it's more like hanging out in the mid-level seats, but the fiance's work has season tickets to the Phoenix Suns, and tonight we get to partake. Even though the Suns aren't doing that great, it's still a free NBA game.

2.Catching up:
This weekend's focus is on spending time with the fiance. I missed him terribly during my vacation, and we haven't really had any "just us" time. And the even better part? It's supposed to be in the mid-70s. We both could use some sun to help us get over that little bit of sickness from the holidays. 

3. Vacancy:
The day (Monday) I got back into town, the fiance and I had three of our California friends stay with us for the BCS title game. They left Wednesday and because there's never a dull moment around these parts, we welcome fellow Cougs and World travelers Sarah and Spanky to Phoenix on Saturday. Check out their amazing blog chronically their global adventures. 

4. No more FedEx store?:
One of the things on my Christmas list was a printer. And thanks to my Mom, the fiance and I are hoping to purchase one this weekend with the cash she gave us.

5. Photo overload:
I have about 400 images from vacation to sift through, organize and edit. Wish me luck.

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Diana Mieczan said...

Welcome back darling!!! I cant wait to see your vacation photos. Yay! Happy weekend

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