January 27, 2011

Fabric frustration

I finally checked out SAS Fabrics By The Pound last week in search of some non-grandma floral patterns to compliment the geometric fabrics around the townhouse. And I'm sad to report that I was pretty disappointed by the lack of modern fabrics.

Truth be told, I really haven't been overly impressed with the area's selection of textiles. I struck out at Tempe Sales and Mesa Sales and was mildly impressed by HomeFabrics & Rugs.

So I'm calling on all AZ fabricistas (Pretty sure you can add "ista" to anything these days). I would love to know the location of your go-to textile paradise. Blogger friends can jump in here, too. What are your experiences with buying fabric online? Yeah or nay?

My naked dining room chairs and empty window seats would appreciate it. 



Krystal said...

what in the world are those plastic babies! ahhaha :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I bought some fabric online for my chairs last year and it worked out great! The fabric was exactly as on the imges provided by the website and it looked amazing in person :) Hugs and kisses

Full House said...

What you don't like mini plastic babies...

I know SAS isn't so good for that kind of fabric you are searching for.

I am in the same boat as you with sourcing fabrics. I usually resort to buying online (after I send for swatches). If you need a couple of resources just email me. Ebay works too, especially if you wanted a really cool vintage floral fabric.

The only other fabric stores I would say to check are Interior Fabrics and Calico Corners. They are both right next to each other on Indian School Rd. in Scottsdale.

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