September 14, 2010

50 states: Hello, Pullman. Remember me?

The fiance and I had an amazing time in Pullman this past weekend. The improvements to the campus and town were modern and pretty, but a lot of the fun stuff is still the same. The buildings, stadium and grounds received a much-needed face lift, but special places like the Coug and Cougar Country thankfully remain untouched.

The most spectacular of makeovers was the CUB. When I attended WSU, the student union building was nothing to write home about. Now, it houses a bar, two-story bookstore, flat-screen TVs with comfy chairs and couches and countless dining options. Needless to say the current students are spoiled.

We stayed in the fiance's old dorm, which the school has turned into a hotel while the building is being renovated. For $160 including tax, we got the room for two nights, four meal vouchers to our old dining hall and day passes to the Rec Center. Not only was it reasonably priced and conveniently located right on campus, but the nostalgia of staying in the residence hall was more than worth the price.

It was great catching up with old friends, patronizing a lot of my favorite college spots and finally witnessing a football win in person. Although it didn't feel like much of a victory, considering the team should've dominated Montana State from start to finish, it was nice to be back in Martin Stadium.

A lot of people make fun of Pullman because it's located in the middle of nowhere, but after being away for four years, my decision to attend college there was reaffirmed this past weekend. It may not have the fancy trappings of big cities, but it's a true college town and one that will always have a place in my heart.


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