September 10, 2010

Five for Friday: Pullman or bust

It took four years, but I'm headed back to the land of wheat fields, Busch Light and some of my best memories and experiences. For those not familiar with the above-mentioned awesomeness, I'm returning to my alma mater, Washington State University, for the weekend.

The fiance and I don't have a set schedule, but there are a few things and places that are a must-do/see.

1. The Coug: The best Pullman bar and a college staple where the beers, burgers, graffiti and atmosphere are one-of-a-kind. Where else is it not only OK, but encouraged to get wasted and write on the walls? A pitcher of Mac & Jacks, my favorite beer that is only available in Washington, is in order.

2. The top of Holland Library: One of the best views of the Palouse. I spent a lot of time up there taking in the majestic views of rolling hills and football pants. Some studying happened there, too.

3. Martin Stadium: Many hours were spent watching the football team when they actually won. Hopefully this Saturday will be one of those times. I'm excited to see the stadium improvements in person.

4. Rancho Viejo and Cougar Country: My favorite restaurants in Pullman. By the time I was finished with school, the good folks at Rancho didn't bother asking what I wanted to order. They just brought it out. And anyone who has ever dined at CC knows the fry sauce alone is worth the monotonous drive via two-lane Highway 26.

5. The Daily Evergreen: The place where my passion for the printed word and page design were solidified. I also met truly gifted and amazing individuals in the bottom of the Murrow Building. I learned more about journalism there than I could in any classroom or professional setting. Long live Tubs Night!

Other stops include the Bookie, revamped CUB and a drive by my old places of residence. I'm kind of preparing myself for everything to look much different. It's definitely a homecoming four years in the making. 

We fly into the fiance's hometown Friday and will get a chance to take our boat out for some much-missed wakeboarding on the Columbia River and a visit with his mom. All the makings of a whirlwind, but perfect, weekend!

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