Before and after projects


The outdated wood color had me wanting to dump it on the side of the road. Also, one of the shelves was missing a piece of trim. so we went to trusty Home Depot thinking they would have an identical piece that we could slap on the bookcase.

But the big box store disappointed, and we bought a piece of wood, which the fiance carved to the shape of the original trim. I was skeptical at first, but he did an amazing job and the new trim looked like it had always been there.


This  project  was the hardest yet. She  turned out better than I anticipated considering the many  battle wounds  acquired during the past seven years, which included  splitting in half  from a night of table dancing on St. Patrick's Day in the fiance's apartment,  numerous stains from spilled beverages and food and  pen scribbles. All it took was some wood filler, primer and Behr paint and a lot of sanding.


Nothing a little wood filler, sand paper and a ton of elbow grease couldn't fix. I love how the white paint accentuates the pretty structure of the piece.


This frame went from creepy to fab thanks to some spray paint and imagination. Check out the full tutorial here.


Because who really has $258 to spend on throw pillows?! Peep the full tutorial here.


Anonymous said...

Well done. Your detailing of the progressions makes me want to raid Craigslist for all of its $5 furniture.

jonalynn said...

Thank you so much! I LOVE Craigslist. It definitely is a treasure trove of pieces waiting for a little TLC.

Lolo said...

Love to do this sort of thing too! Check out what I did to this little piece!

erika @ small shop said...

Wow, you inspire me!!

p.s. my hubbie went to UofA, soooo....

Emily | Recently said...

Frame as a tray...never would have thought of it. Ba-rilliant! I, too, am a lover of the napkins as pillows trick. I'm currently thinking of covering a chair seat in Anthropolgie towels. Great minds, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with the anthro napkins turned pillow :) Great idea!!!

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