February 25, 2011

Five for Friday: Fun times and the love list

Many a fun thing is on the agenda this weekend. The fiance and I plan to check out SanTan Brewing Company in honor of Arizona Beer Week, I'm hosting my first viewing party for our alumni group chapter Sunday and the hunt for a new place of residence will commence.

Since this weekend will be packed with good times, I wanted to share some of the fun and pretty things I've been loving lately. Happy Weekend!

3. Small Shop's lamp makeover

4. Font identifier What The Font

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February 24, 2011

Said it best: Flipped

Goodbye, carnies. Hello, Photoboother

Gone are the days of braving greasy food, rigged games and sketchy carnies to use a photo booth. The cool picture machine seems to be everywhere these days. And your computer is no exception. Enter Photoboother. I'm always on the lookout for fun photo-editing programs, and this may be the best one yet.

Simply choose one of the six frames, upload saved photos from your computer in the empty strip spots, wait 15 seconds for "processing" and voila! Use the strips for save the date/wedding invites, mini-books or in a frame. Photoboother also gives you the option to e-mail friends the strip for free or order 8.5 x 11 matte prints of your photo for a little cash.

Happy Photobooth-ing! 

February 23, 2011

I heart art: Rex Ray

Variety is the spice of life. Just ask Rex Ray. Using diverse platforms such as resin, paper, wood and linen, the San Francisco-based artist pushes visual boundaries in his mixed media collages, graphic design and paintings. 

I discovered his genius at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art a few years ago when I resided in California and his inspiring book has lived on my coffee table ever since. Don't have $1,800 to drop on an original piece? You can still own some of his design yumminess via notecards (perfect for framing), an address book and a notebook. Visual swoon in full effect.

Love art? Check out more talented artists here.

February 22, 2011

50 states: Washington from above

Two of my passions are photography and travel, and when I have the chance to combine the two, you can bet I'm one happy girl. I went home to Washington for my nephew's first birthday at the beginning of the month and was lucky to fly into Seattle on a clear and sunny day, which provided the perfect opportunity for some fun shots from the air. I'm really blessed to be from such a beautiful area.

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February 21, 2011

Not your grandma's needlework

I've never knitted or done any needlework in my entire life, but self-proclaimed "traditional New England handcrafters and dorky rap-quoting white people" Emily and Matt Fitzpatrick are making me think twice. The Connecticut duo behind Steotch use the traditional medium to immortalize hilarious moments in pop culture. Buy finished pieces or patterns on their Etsy shop.

February 18, 2011

Five for Friday: Goodbye, not-so-happy ending

There's nothing worse than an otherwise good book ruined by a bad ending. I finished Chuck Klosterman's "Downtown Owl" this week and was thoroughly disappointed. His first novel was living up to expectation via developed characters and an interesting plot, which was then negated by a random, abrupt close. So I thought it appropriate to share a few books that won't bum you out upon conclusion. 

I'd love suggestions on what page turners you're into right now. I likely won't get any reading done this weekend as the fiance and I are recovering from last night's WSU men's basketball game against Arizona in Tuscon and have an alumni gathering in Tempe before the Cougs play Arizona State on Saturday. 

And did I mention it's the start of Arizona Beer Week? Happy Weekend!

2. "The Design Of Dissent": Milton Glaser & Mirko Ilic

3. "Things We Love": Deborah Lloyd (for Kate Spade) & Ed Miller


4. "Happy Chic: Colors": Jonathan Adler

5. "The Geometry Of Pasta": Caz Hildebrand & Jacob Kenedy

February 17, 2011

Fashion to furnishings: The Grammys

Let me preface this by saying I haven't been a fan of the Grammys in a long time. Any organization that honors the collective crap that is the prefab music being churned out these days (Hello, Justin Bieber, minus Arcade Fire) is not OK in my book. But as with most award shows, they afford the opportunity to scout out pretty and are-you-serious? fashion. And the Grammys are no exception. 

When I saw the picture of Julianne Hough rocking a stunning Catherine Malandrino dress at the music award show, I was transported to my happy place where abstract patterns and geometric goodness deck the halls. I was totally inspired by the bursts of color and floral and below is the result. And how gorgeous would that goddess gown look framed and hanging in said happy place?! ... Further proof that inspiration is everywhere.

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