November 17, 2011

Change of address

Tomorrow, the fiance and I will say peace out to wannabe-porn star, rhino foot-stomping, dog-barking, chain-smoking, cupboard-slamming, grimy neighbors ... You know, all of the joys that come with attached-space living. And if leaving the Jerry Springer Show rejects wasn't relief enough, we get to call an incredible space with loads of potential home.

I'm beyond stoked to start decorating (expect a few mood boards). Our landlord has good taste and already painted the walls gray, updated the appliances and fixtures, installed a pretty backsplash in the kitchen, put hardwoods throughout and painted the front door a gorgeous red. Other highlights include having a dedicated work space (no more office-slash-guest bedroom for this girl) and a fruit tree in the front yard. 

And can we just discuss the effing pool?!?! That basically sold me on the house at first sight. If you've ever been to the AZ, you know a refreshing aquatic source is essential to surviving the sweltering summers. 

I feel so blessed that we found a house that met all of our requirements. And did I mention it's in one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix?! We looked in the area upon arrival to the AZ, but nothing was available. I'm chalking up hitting the house lottery as good karma for dealing with some grade-A next-door asshats over the past 20 months.

Take a mini-tour of the townhouse before we move. Sketched-out neighbors not included.


Lindsey said...

It's gorgeous!! That kitchen back splash looks so you!! Congrats!

Emily | Recently said...

The pool would have sold me too! Love the house, love the new blog design. PS- Total score on the Target mirror btw!

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

OMG YAY!!! It's so cute and I'm so jealous of your pool! I can't wait to see how you decorate it :D

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