June 13, 2011

A healthier me: Where the magic happens

As a way to chronicle the journey to a healthier me, I'll write about different aspects of the process. It's mostly to keep me accountable, but it'll also be cool to reflect on when I reach my goal.

This week, I wanted to share where the pain magic happens. I'm lucky to have a nice gym in my complex. The "fitness center" in other places I've resided usually consisted of a busted treadmill and rickety '80s Bowflex equipment even the Goodwill would reject.

Sometimes there are nasty people who don't wipe down the machines (ewwwwwwwwwww) or those who are just plain psycho (the dude who tried to duct tape a laptop to the treadmill). But it's still better than nothing.

And I'm happy to report that I dropped seven pounds and successfully completed the first stage of my running program this past week. Go me!

[Top: The motivating view of the pool from the treadmill / Second: The cardio area where I spend the majority of my workouts / Third: The trusty stairclimber / Bottom: Gettin' swoll on the weight machines]


Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Losing 7 lbs is NOT easy - I bet you feel great :D

PS: That view of the pool would totally get me to do an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill haha

Unknown said...

Good for you!!! I just decided this weekend time to get my butt back in the gym. When you don't make it a priority, time just slips away.

Looking forward to your updates!!

Annette {One Perfect Room} said...

Good for you!!! I need to get working out again and you have inspired me to do so. Keep up the workouts!!!

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