May 2, 2011

Royally inspired

By now you've seen like 83,000 Royal Wedding posts, 80,591 of which were about the hats, so I'll spare you on that front. At first, I was annoyed by all of the coverage and swore off watching it. But where was I come 2 a.m. Friday? Tuned in to the effin' BBC. Apparently my romantical and curious sides are stronger than my cynical one. 

I still believe there are more important issues and stories deserving of the type of attention given to the union, regardless of who was standing at the alter. But since I'm in the process of planning my own nuptials and can't resist the opportunity to crank out a mood board, here is some yummy wedding goodness straight from my inspiration files. 

The fiance and I are planning to check out more wedding venues in the San Juan Islands in August. The vibe we're going for is casual, yet pretty. The Royal Wedding had a little too much pomp and circumstance for my taste.


Blue Fruit said...

Love your colour scheme ~ hot, happy and festive!

Holly said...

A wedding in the San Juan Islands would be soooo beautiful!!

Krystal said...

TY for sparing me :)

Megan Vaughn said...

LOVE IT! This looks just like you! (And I was right there with you at 2 a.m. on Friday...but you probably weren't a big crybaby like me!)


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