May 27, 2011

Five for Friday: Camping, Craig and color amongst other things

Keeping it short and sweet today friends since I gots to get packing for our fun weekend escaping the heat camping up north. Hope you dig what I'm digging from this past week! And may your Memorial Day weekend be filled with tons of good times!

1. Fun Craigslist transactions

The fiance and I met the nicest mother and son during a really great Craig experience on Sunday. They even delivered the pieces we bought for free, which was super helpful since they wouldn't have fit in my car.

It was our first time getting ish off Craig, and I can only hope our future transactions are as good.

Stay tuned for a major project reveal in the coming weeks. Have you scored anything off Craig lately or had good/bad dealings? Please, do tell.

2. Linds' DIY monogram stool

The queen of modern monograms is back with another DIY goody. Be sure to check out Linds' other projects on her rad blog.

3. Death Cab's new album leaking

After months of fake leaks floating around the Internet, a legit one finally arrived the other day. I listened to the album in its entirety four times while I re-painted the master, and although it's good, I love their previous efforts way more.

They're still one of my fave bands in the whole world, and hopefully this offering will grow on me. You can listen to the full album here.

4. Erika's magenta + blue roundup

Erika is always serving up kick-ass inspiration on her blog, and this roundup really caught my eye. Blue is my favorite color (my car is even blue), but for whatever reason, I haven't incorporated it into the townhouse much. Her curated mood board of pretty is definitely making me think twice. There's something really amazing about the blending of masculine and feminine colors.

FREE. MODERN. FONTS. HELL. TO. THE. YES!!!!! As a designer and typeography geek, I'm always searching for new fonts and this open-source type foundry's manifesto is really cool. My faves are League Gothic and Blackout.

Get more Five for Friday in your life here.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the Magenta and Blue and the monogram lucite stool...actually, I love everything on this post!! The new Deathcab Single is awesome, but that's all I've heard so far. xoxo E&A

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