May 17, 2011

Open for business

It started with a few e-mails, phone calls and kind words. The compliments on my blog design and the inquiries into creating a birthday invite or putting my logos on T-shirts started coming in. And out of a leap of faith, Turn Up The Rad Creative was born.

You see I've always adored design in pretty much every form and that passion led me to the newspaper industry as a sports page designer and copy editor. Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a professional journalist. I was lucky to live my dream for 11 years. But sometimes you have to walk away from the thing you love the most. 

With the decline in print readership and growing recession, I survived three rounds of layoffs while watching many of my talented colleagues get shown the door. It was not an easy time and opened my eyes to the reality of print journalism's future. 

My fiance was then recruited for an amazing opportunity to become the engineering manager of a company in Phoenix, Arizona. We were both so stoked at the chance for him to realize his dream. But it meant mine would probably end as most newspaper companies had instituted a hiring freeze or were paring down their staffs. The instability of the industry, regardless of my qualifications, also was scary.

Not really sure what to do, I took a risk. A leap of faith. And it's most definitely paid off because today I'm embarking on a new adventure and launching my own design studio. It's been difficult keeping this a secret, but now I can shout it from the blogosphere rooftops.

Currently, I'm accepting orders for Blogger revamps, invitations, logos, design project consultations and editing projects. The next step is to set up the store for my T-shirts and photography. So head over to the studio and make yourself at home.


Krystal said...

very exciting!!!! i hope you have lots of luck with this!

Faded said...

Seems like a great idea! Best o'luck ;)

Lindsey said...

Congrats!! I'm so excited for you. Obvi you know how talented I think you are!!! I love your work!! You're going to do great things.

Diana Mieczan said...

That is fantastic, darling! Im so happy for you:) Kisses and hugs

P.S: I'm hosting an awesome Organic cosmetics Giveaway today! Perfect for a summer glowy skin:)

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