May 6, 2011

Five for Friday: Eff things that break

So that notion about time moving faster as you get older ... It's sooooooooooo true. And it seemed even more evident this week. I'm still in shock that it's Friday. I guess that's what I get for immersing myself in playing catch up after the Great Technology Fail of 2011. And did I mention the dishwasher had a minor leak and the AC started to crap out? When it rains, it pours, people. (Thank goodness our townhouse maintenance dude was able to fix each issue.)

I don't have any solid plans this weekend other than ripping the idiots at NAPA a new one. I got my car back from the dealership after taking it in for a fourth time. Come to find out, the so-called NAPA professionals forgot to plug some hoses back in, sold me a gas cap that didn't fit and didn't even fix the real problem, which ended up costing a pretty penny. The moral of this automotive story, is take your ride to the dealership if you can.

The good ish below is quickly making me forget about the trouble that comes with being a grownup, though. Here's to a weekend where nothing breaks!

1. The launch of Cocoa & Hearts

2. lemlem's Adama Gauze dress

3. Erika's amazing office progress

Have some Five-for-Friday-worthy goodness you want to share? Drop me a note.

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Erika [small shop] said...

Just saw this, thanks for including me amongst this amazing company!

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