December 23, 2010

Pretty procrastination: Gift wrap

Last-minute gift wrapping doesn't have to involve throwing the item in a bag and calling it good. And I should know because in typical fashion, I've procrastinated on buying and wrapping presents. In my defense, I didn't want to pack 88 fully-wrapped gifts on the flight up to Washington.

So today my mom and I are finishing my shopping and wrapping. And even though I only have less than a day, there will be no bags involved. Only simple, yet pretty wrap. Feast your eyes on this lovely inspiration. I can't believe Christmas is almost here!


Anonymous said...

I have a "No Bag" policy on any gift. I always wrap. I've used aluminum foil. A big banana leaf. Newspaper. Pretty magazine sheets. For my nephew one time I used the "adult services" sheets from the back of a newspaper. He thought it was hilarious, my sister, not so much. (He was 15. lol)

Katie said...

One time I brought gift-wrapped presents with me, and TSA told me to unwrap them. (Never mind that their X-ray machine can see under the paper.) Since then, I don't wrap my gifts before flying.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday at home!

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