December 10, 2010

Five for Friday: Tamales and sunshine in December


It's been unseasonably warm here lately. The sunny weather is definitely a motivator to get out and accomplish all those projects on the back burner before the holiday crunch time.

1. Yum: Who says holiday over-eating has to be confined to sweets and turkey? My fave food all year long is Mexican cuisine. Enter the Food City Tamale Festival happening this weekend.

2. Feeling the burn: After all those tamales, the fiance and I will probably need a good workout. I can't think of a better way to get outdoors and burn some lbs. than hiking in the North Mountain Preserve.

3. Townhouse decorating: I have a few projects to get started/wrap up that will benefit from trips to Michaels and Bed Bath And Beyond. Photos to follow.

4. Happy handmade Christmas: This year I've decided to make presents for my family. It's time to stop procrastinating and get started on my ideas. Again, photos to follow.

5. Hello, my name is: A little tweaking of the resume is in order as there are a few people who I am going to give it to, but not before it gets an overhaul to include the blog and my freelance writing assignment this summer.

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Anonymous said...

I. Love. Tamales! Oh, gosh I want some so bad right now. And there is a whole *fest* for tamales over there?! Come on Houston Texas need st get on the ball with the tamale festival too!

Good luck on getting your resume out there!

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