December 10, 2010

Exploring Arizona: Golf carts, treasures and getting lost

After having lunch with the fiance and his coworker yesterday, I ventured to the vintage-hunter's paradise that is downtown Glendale. My first trip to the self-proclaimed antiques capital of Arizona resulted in some amazing finds that stayed in the stores. This time, I purchased a few of the items, which I'll show you next week.

My next stop was Sun City, one of the nation's largest retirement cities. Higher numbers of senior citizens means lots of antique goodies waiting to get a new home from this still-kind-of youngster. I had heard of Penny-Wise Thrift Shop and it didn't disappoint. 

Heading south to find a cluster of thrift stores, I got better acquainted with the area i.e. lost. In my travels, I noticed tons of golf carts in driveways, store parking lots and cruising down the road. It was creepy and funny all at once. Gotta love living (and driving) in the AZ.

Penny-Wise finds

If only I needed a new couch and had a truck, this baby would've come straight to the townhouse. Definitely a candidate for reupholstering, but I am in LOVE with the gorgeous wood detailing. Hello, pretty geometric shapes. And if you can believe it, the couch was only $60!

Both chairs have such pretty bones. Their new lives are just a paint brush and new fabric away.

I almost asked if I could just buy the beautiful vintage handles and knobs from this hutch. They are that pretty.

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