July 29, 2011

Five for Friday: Racking up the miles

The next few months are full of adventure ... Just the way I like it. The first trip takes the fiance and I to the San Juan Islands at the beginning of August. We're going to check out a few more wedding venues (yay) and spend time on the boat with family and friends. If you ever have a chance to visit Washington, try to see the San Juans. You won't be disappointed.

Next on the agenda is a trip to a state I've wanted to visit for a long time: Montana. I'll be spending Labor Day with one of my best homies at Flathead Lake. We're even thinking of going skydiving. My Dad really wanted to see Montana, but didn't get a chance to before he passed away, so I'll be making the journey for both of us.

I can thank my college's football team for the chance to visit San Diego and Colorado. The fiance and I are piling in an RV with some of our alumni group friends for a road trip to watch the Cougs play San Diego State at Qualcomm Stadium in September. And the stars pretty much aligned for the trek to Colorado in October. WSU plays at the University of Colorado on my birthday, which also happens to be the same weekend as the Great American Beer Festival. Oh. Hell. Yes.

Finally, a travel roundup wouldn't be complete without a stop in Vegas. As part of my journey to a healthier me, I've started running again. And I'm a firm believer in the saying "Go big or go home," which is why I'm training for my first half marathon in December with my amazing Lil Sis from my sorority. The race is billed as "the World's largest nighttime running event" and sounds incredible.

Whether it's around the United States or in Arizona, traveling is important and necessary. Do you have any fun trips on the horizon?

See why else Fridays rock here.

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