July 8, 2011

Five (and a few more) for Friday: Juicy orange

It's going to be a fairly chill weekend around these parts. There's no shortage of laundry (glamorous, I know) to get caught up on since returning from our amazing vacation to the fiance's hometown for the 4th of July (I can't wait to share the photos). 

I figured it might be nice to quit procrastinating on my major project, too. So in the hopes that these images will motivate me to get off my ace and make some progress, I present the color inspiration for said project. I've loved orange since my senior year of high school (which seems like forever ago), and I'm trying to convince the fiance to get on board. And I know this series is only supposed to be five things, but I really couldn't narrow the pictures down. So revel in my indecisiveness and have a fabulous weekend!

Orange goodness: Credenza / Skirt / Art / Console / Drinks / Tray / Jeans / Seats / Nails

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Unknown said...

Loving orange lately too, which for me is a big deal because I do remember swearing I would never like orange. Ha! Eating my words.

Great photos -- it's amazing how they are ALL my style!

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