March 23, 2011

In rotation: The Weeknd + The Kills + The Sounds

The's precede all of the band's names in my latest acquisition of new music. But that's where the similarities end. We're running the gammet this week with everything from electronic-twinged R&B to gritty rock to dancey Swedish new wave.

Toronto indie electronic act The Weeknd is definitely good any day of the week. The synthed-out slow jams are a perfect rainy-day soundtrack and full of emotion and perfectly-placed samples, making this mixtape a leading contender as one of the top albums of 2011. And because everyone loves a fabulous freebie, download of the mixtape courtesy of The Weeknd here.

Singer Alison Mosshart and guitarist Jamie Hince, better known as the duo who comprise The Kills, have refined their hard-hitting, grimy garage rock sound on their latest release, "Blood Pressures." It's not better than 2008's "Midnight Boom," which I still listen to non-stop, but it's different in a really good way.

Sometimes you outgrow a band. And after partially (I couldn't make it to the end) listening to The Sounds' latest offering, "Something To Die For," that's the case with my ears and the Swedish group. Their once-fun, cohesive rock/pop tunes now just sound like a bad Ace Of Base rip-off.

The Weeknd: House Of Balloons

"The Morning"

"The Knowing"

The Kills: Blood Pressures


"It's So Easy"

Need some new music? Add these to your iPod.

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